Innovative Wastewater Treatment

The Solution to Your Grease Management Troubles

Digestco Limited provides an ingenious environment friendly answer to your sewer-related problems. Our company in Olds, AB offers a wastewater treatment technology that can certainly address your grease management needs. We offer preventive and maintenance programs designed to keep the waterways in your area safe and free of contaminants.

History of Our Wastewater Treatment Company

Digestco Limited

Research was started in 1986 to look into a new technology for treating wastewater. Our efforts were successful and Digestco Limited was incorporated in 1989 to bring our technology to the market. Subsequent patents were secured to protect our invention. Our first markets were in the municipal field of sewage lagoon problems. This branched out to sewage lift station and sewer collection system problems.

A local grocery store owner approached us to help solve the grease problem in his building sewer pipes. As this store was part of a larger organization, our services were also sought by other store owners. We approached another large grocery store organization and after a year of trial, we were welcomed into the rest of the association’s stores in Western Canada.

The growth of our business resulted in the assembly of a team for management, accounting, manufacture, marketing, and direct service to our clients in Western Canada, from Yellowknife to the US border, and Western Ontario to the Pacific Ocean. We now serve municipalities, restaurant and grocery store markets, and many apartment building properties helping to solve their grease management problems.

Learn More About Wastewater Treatment

Should you have questions about our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. At Digestco Limited, our aim is to produce cost-effective and reliable wastewater treatment solutions for our clients. Contact us via phone or email your inquiries.